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Lisa Marie teams up as an Artist-in-Residence
with the City of Los Angeles and receives a
$10,000 grant to bring The Yowling to
Northeast L.A. youth, who share their yowlings
and tell about barrio life through their eyes...

Lisa Marie teams up with Stacie Chaiken and
What's the Story? to bring The Yowling to The
Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. Lisa
Marie's one-woman show The Yowling &
Other Sounds from Highland Park
in the February 2007 Solo Performance festival
alongside other talented performers...

               Time by the Rock
Lisa Marie teams up with Center for the Arts,
Eagle Rock, and other city departments and
community orgs, who commissioned her to
write and perform "Legend of the Rock" for a
crowd of over 1,000 people and, then
councilman, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa...

            MudPuppy Anthology
          MudPuppy Anthology
Lisa Marie teams up with poet and
photographer Theresa Antonia of TCcreative
to edit the first ever MudPuppy Anthology...

Lisa Marie teams up with producer Bozana
Belokosa to feature in her cable show
Spending a Little With Poetry...

Lisa Marie teams up with the publishing
branch of TCreative as the first author chosen,
honoring the launch of tcCreative Press...

Workshops and consultations by Lisa Marie
to help people birth something from nothing,
making their passion a reality. So far, pastors,
doctoral students, organizations, entrepreneurs,
leaders and teams, musicians, artists, college
students, and youth of all ages...

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