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The Yowling & Other Sounds from Highland Park is a very versatile performance piece and adapts well to diverse performance venues and situations and can be tailored to yours.

Its flexible design tours with minimum props and modest technical requirements. It stands alone as a fully mounted theatrical production with set and lighting or can be produced in an academic, church, or cafe setting with minimal space available.

Possibilities include:

  • Full theater production with a closed or open-ended run.
  • Tour of colleges and universities.
  • Tour of churches.
  • Tour of small and large theaters in urban areas.
  • Tours linked with writing/performance workshops taught by Lisa Marie Sandoval.

Single-evening events organized around The Yowling and its off-shoot projects have attracted audiences of 120-140 people as well as the promotional tie-ins of popular restaurants and stores, such as Trader Joe's, Vons, and Camilo's Bistro. We can help tailor promotional packages to assist you in maximizing your present patronage and creating new audience for your venue.

In addition to a quality performance appealing to an array of cultural and socioeconomic demographics, The Yowling & Other Sounds from Highland Park creates a widespread emotional response that will leave audiences wanting more. For this reason, The Yowling tour package includes on-site sale of reasonably priced books for audiences to purchase. The Yowling literature already has created a publicity buzz wherever The Yowling theatrical vignettes have been performed. From California beaches to cities in Texas, chapbooks have sold from 50% to 75% of new audiences nearly every time.

With the support of a committed arts organization, there are several directions and distinct new possibilites for The Yowling in your area. If have have any ideas, please contact Lisa Marie at lisamarie@theyowling.com or 323.259.0231

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