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Welcome to The Yowling!

...where poetry meets the stage...

For those of you who have visited the site and think you've already "seen" The Yowling...think again.

We're new, different, and very much improved. We're looking to connect the cries of human souls through new work, bringing beloved favorites to more audiences, blogging the journey, and posting your comments and opinions about your experience with The Yowling. In short, we are interested in connecting with YOU.

For those of you who are new to the site, keep reading. (Those who have yowled with us before, check out what's new at Yowling Creator: Check out Yowling Creator.com.)

This site is the creative base for writer/performer Lisa Marie Sandoval. Here you'll find exciting information about The Yowling & Other Sounds from Highland Park, her one-woman solo performance tour and poetry collection in print.

You'll receive updates about what's new (and there will be plenty new!), upcoming performances, poetry features, and publications. Browse the site and tell us which photos are your favorites. Take a tour through our unique Poetry Gallery and journey through the creation of The Yowling, where the intimate background of pieces of the show and print collection are revealed. Explore the Collaborations link and find out who has partnered with Lisa Marie to bring The Yowling throughout Southern California and across the U.S. You'll be surprised...

Performance and poetry are nothing without you--people who see it, hear it, read it, and take it with them as the language of life. We hope The Yowling penetrates your soul and inspires you to explore and discover your own yowling. Here your adventure begins! Write us and share your story.

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